Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

From design layouts, to ways of knowing you’re cheating, I’m Bob from W5L and join me as I reveal 9 secrets of the casinos they don’t want you to know! 9. Dealers…don’t really make that much. To start off this list, I want you to think about your dream job. More than likely, it’s a job where you can make money, yet have fun doing the job, and not minding coming in virtually every day to do it, right?

At first glance, you might think that a casino dealer, whether it be Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, or some other game that requires a dealer, would be fun. After all, you’re right in the middle of the casino action. And though it’s not accurate, you technically hold all the power. But think about this before you drop everything and go… It’s YOU who shuffles the cards, it’s YOU who spins the Roulette wheel, and it’s you who reveals online casinos for usa players.

But…what you might not realize is that despite all the money that’s getting thrown around…the dealers work at minimum wage. No joke, they’re literally the bottom of the barrel. Now, there are some casinos that do pay a little more for their dealers, especially for certain high-end games, but on the whole, they only make the minimum. This is why dealers are told to be friendly with the customers…so they can get tips. That’s also a reason why the “tip your dealer” phrase came into practice.

Because if you clean up one night and make say $100,000? You doubled in one night what that dealer will make in a whole year. So please be nice to the people dealing the cards, they often deserve that kindness. That being said… 8.

Some Dealers Do Cheat and Steal They say that casinos are where people go to lose their money, and they’re right more often than not. Yet, some people try and cheat the system to make sure they don’t, and I’ll be talking about that later. However, one person you wouldn’t expect to cheat is the dealer. After all, while they “work” for the casino, they have no bias towards you.

You’re literally on the same level as them. But that’s the thing, you’re on the same level, and that means they have the same impulses as you and your fellow gamblers. So, they’re not above cheating with another person to earn a score, or, if they feel they can swipe a chip without getting caught, they’ll do it. Just like you when you go to a casino, it’s all about the money. Funnily enough, it’s because dealers have tried to cheat and steal so much in the past that a lot of mandatory rituals are done when a dealer leaves the table.

They have to expose their hands and move them around to show they didn’t take anything on the sly as they leave. Should a dealer be caught cheating, they’ll be arrested. Sometimes at the table itself to “show others” the cost of cheating, and other times they’ll be brought to the manager’s office, exposed, and then arrested.

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