Chat, Lux or uhm… Lux or Syndra? Oh my god, so much “Lux”… Why y’all want me to play Lux so bad? I mean… I’ll do it. Who am I against yet?… Probably want “Precision”… “Coup de Grâce”… COUP DE GRÂCE… Wow coup de grâce… (…) and get the Baron later on, no need to push that advantage Well Faker says otherwise!

Meanwhile Huni… He takes him down! Oh Faker may be in trouble. Death Mark, tries to clean up on Ryu Oh, look at the Cleanse, look at the moves, FAKER, WHAT WAS THAT?! Later!

Ohhh we have an AFK! Man I thought this was gonna be a win but – oh I can see him! What the heck? I’m trying to bait here! He has no F! Get him!

Aww! Thank you! No no no no no no No no You, better get him… you better get him… you better… you bet- Oh my god nooo! Ah, thank god… You know, I’m really not that bad, I wish people would just stop flaming me you know what I’m saying…

I haven’t played Lux in a while, don’t be so mean about it… Why are you being so extra, fam? Gottem! I ain’t got anything else… He probably has ult again, too… “Will you not not go out with me”… That’s a pretty good way to trick her go and saying “Yes” Why is… This whole game like… …This whole poker game is based around mid lane.

I just wanna relax! I think that’s like not even a good matchup for me… Ohh… I healed to try to get in range to do my combo… but he used his Cleanse… Nooo… What the f… Clearly i should not just yolo play a champ that I haven’t played in a while… Okay, but that damage though! (…) And I know the guys who bought it before like spent a lot of money on it Are you joking? How?

How does he actually catch up to me?! He’s so far! Even if I bind him, it is poker game!

I don’t wanna talk about it… Hey, long time no see – had a tough day… …at work but so glad coming home and seeing you pulling the most viewers on Twitch… … Well done! Hard work and dedication always pay off. I’m also feeding… Happy that you pass by! Get him, get him!

Oh no… Oh, that guy had heal! Honest, honest, honest we can win. You know, what I honestly feel like I should go?

“Inspiration” and “Futures Market” because this bitch sucks when you can’t… …Clear a wave with E. Gottem! Y’all should really just back up… Really. Oh oh… Oh… Uhhhh… He’s tilted…

I feel bad I was probably the one that tilted him but… ..Not by anything that I said sooo… I really hate how… uhhh… how toxic League can be like… Relax a little bit! Jeez, as soon as someone does bad you on them and then if someone else says “you are a joke of a human being”…

I know he’s not not even talking about me, I think he’s talking about Ezreal’s AFK. Which is… unfortunate… Oh god, haha! I got her but there’s too many high damage friggin’ thingies all around… Oh my god, I just wish my team didn’t fight so much, guys, it’s okay!

Jeez Louise Same goes for you Twitch chat, honestly, some of you guys are really too intense and i know… …y’all who talk, I know you guys are Silver 2! So just do yourself a favor and stop putting out so much negativity because I promise you: What goes around comes around – and you go stay Silver 2 sooo…

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