Card Games : How to Play Uno

My name is Windy St. George and this is how to play Uno. Uno is a card game similar to Crazy Eights. It plays two to ten players.

One person will be the dealer and the dealer will deal out seven cards to each player. There are different kinds of cards in Uno. There are regular number cards which is the basic card that you are going to have and then there are special cards that change the turn order. Wild cards are allowed to play any time. There are draw two cards to play this and draw two cards instead of placing your card down. There is skip a turn which causes the next person to lose their turn and then there is reverse which causes the turn order to go counter clockwise.

So the goal of Uno is to be the first to have all your cards out of your hand and to have the most points afterwards. Sometimes the person who is first out is not the one who wins. The strategy cards are worth more points than the regular numbered cards so once the cards have been dealt the first card on top of the draw pile is turned over and this one here is a 0 and yellow so the person to the left of the dealer can play either a 0 or a yellow card that they have in their hand or special cards. A wild card can be played on any card and any number.

I have here a yellow card so this turn goes to the left and the player either plays specialty cards or a card that matches either a color or the number. If the player doesn’t have a card that they can play or they have a card they don’t want to play but they could play, they instead draw a card and you don’t want to draw too many cards because the goal is to get the cards out of your hands but it is sometimes strategic to draw another card. When people are playing and you get down to the last card in your hand and you have only one card left you must shout Uno so that everyone is aware that the game is about to be over. If you don’t remember to shout Uno and you are caught with one card in your hand you must draw two cards, and that’s how you play Uno.

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