Basic Roulette Strategy

As always you must only bet money you can afford to lose, this is a systems it’s not foolproof but it will give you an extra edge over the house and increase your chances of winning on a regular basis. Also remember to always use European Style Roulette tables as you get an extra edge over the house and make sure you read all of the steps carefully and reread them before getting to the table.

Always remember that when using a system of this nature you should be creating new accounts with casinos that are most favourable to our systems, we have pointed out a few of these casinos below. This are casinos we personally have used and vetted and made sure that they pay out timely and have the style of tables we require. The main reason being the new player bonuses that you gain from these casinos. Generally you can get £100s of free bankroll or certain casinos will give you xxxx amount of spins for free, take advantage of these by as you only get them as new customers.


Right the roulette table is split into three colours, red, black, and green. We are going to concentrate on the red and the black colour spots. More often than not the ball is going to land in one of these two colours.

Okay so first of all you are going to need a pen and paper and then take a spin of the roulette wheel and jot down what comes out either red or black. Now you will continue to do this until one specific colour comes out three times in a row.

So if black has now come out three times in a row this is when we start betting. We will continue to bet on red until it comes out (or vice versa depending on which colour came out first). Each time red doesn’t come out we will double our bet.

The table below shows what we should be betting each time and how much you are up overall. Remember if you keep to the plan and double the bet each time you will always be up overall.

Bet Number




1 £1 £2 +£1
2 £2 £4 +£1
3 £4 £8 +£1
4 £8 £16 +£1
5 £16 £32 +£1
6 £32 £64 +£1
7 £64 £128 +£1
8 £128 £256 +£1


As you can see you are always going to be up overall no matter how many times you bet. £1 doesn’t seem like a lot at first but you need to remember more often than not you are only going to be getting to spin 2 or 3 before your colour comes up meaning you could easily go throw this system 100 times per day and pick up £100 in profit for sitting on your backside playing roulette.

Each time you pick up a win, go back to the step one and start counting the spins once again. If you keep with the system you will maximise your chances of winning every time you sit down at the table.

Things to remember

  • Use a new casino, the ones we recommend have good sign on bonuses and fit the criteria for the system.
  • Always stick to the system, don’t get greedy or stray. The system is there for a reason.
  • Never bet with money you can afford to, back to step one.

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